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This is LewdBot


LewdBot is a multi-purpose discord bot written in Java using the JDA library, currently on ${Guilds} guilds.

The default prefix is @LewdBot

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LewdBot currently has less features than before due to a recent rewrite, although, features are being constantly re/added. Below is a list with all the currently available features.


If you encounter any issues or questions with LewdBot, please follow these setps:

  1. Refer to the FAQ (To check if your question wasn't already answered)
  2. Refer to GitHub (If it's a bug, please open an issue there)
  3. Join LewdBot's guild and ask for support
  4. DM Fabricio20#5913 (Only if you didn't get any answer from the previous steps) [I only accept FR from people who are on at least one server I'm in]


Hi, I'm Fabricio20#5913, a Java developer from South Brazil who loves anime and tea. (Twitter)


Modules are groups of code that divide LewdBot by functionality, currently there are 4 modules available, all of which can be enabled or disabled using the `module` command.

A module that adds Moderation-related functionality, like auto registration, banning (DiscordBans) and hex coloring of roles.
A module that adds music to LewdBot, allowing you to listen to music via discord while doing anything else!
A module that adds NSFW functionality to LewdBot (R18).

A module that adds a variety of fun commands, like dice rolling and coin flipping.

List of Commands

List of currently available commands

Module Name(s) Description
Fun Flip Flips a coin
Fun Roll Rolls a dice
Fun Calc Calculates an expression
Fun Define Defines something (from Urban Dictionary)
LewdBot Help Displays a help message
LewdBot Ignore Manages ignored channels (pls use from non-ignored channel)
LewdBot Lang Sets your language (For an incoming multi-lang support)
LewdBot Man Used to read about Lewd-things on discord
LewdBot Modules Enables or Disables modules on your guild
LewdBot Prefix Allows you to change the bot's prefix (from @LewdBot to something you like)
LewdBot Setup Starts a little setup to customize LewdBot to your likings, can be ran at any time
LewdBot Shard Shows information about the current shard (Session) your guild is on, useful for reporting problems
LewdBot Status Shows some status about LewdBot (Like uptime, guilds, etc..)
Moderation Ban Bans a user with a given reason
Moderation Color Changes the color of a role (or previews a color)
Moderation Lock, Unlock Locks/Unlocks the current or tagged channels (Blocks @everyone from speaking)
Moderation Logs Configures the Logging system with an interactive setup
Moderation Prune Allows you to prune messages from the chat history, up to 300 messages in a single go
Moderation Register Configures an auto-registration system for your server with an interactive setup
Music Lm, Im, Music Music features! - Has a lot of subcommands
NSFW R34, Hentai Searches and sends images from R34 on the chat